A Journey With 'Pico'

Before having Pico, if somebody had told me that budgies can be so fun and entertaining, I wouldn’t have believed it. After Pico, well, my opinion couldn’t have changed more than it has. I suppose that the more you give to them, the more they give back… so we are making sure we give him as much attention and love as we can.

Today I thought I’d share with you the two most recent “items” we got for Pico:

  • A hamster toy
  • A very colourful floor! We got this because Pico enjoys running around on the floor and, given that we’ve got carpet throughout the dining room, we thought it would be more higienic (no more pooping on the carpet) if we could provide him with a flat, yet fun surface

You’ve probably realised that the hamster and the floor are designed and manufactured for children, and that was exactly our intention. Why? Because they are non-toxic for our little guy, and the floor is just great.

All I can say is that Pico LOVES both, his floor and his hamster toy and we enjoy seeing him so happy!

Pico's new hamster toy

Hamster toy for Pico the budgie

Colourful floor for Pico the budgie

Colourful floor for Pico the budgie

Finally, this is Pico riding his hamster toy on his brand new floor 😀


After only a few weeks with us (7 weeks and 1 day to be more precise) and to our surprise, our baby budgie Pico has said his first words.

I tried to record a little video of him talking but it’s quite difficult to get him at the right time. You probably need to turn the volume right up to be able to hear it as I needed to have the TV on in the background.

Here’re the things we can clearly hear him say:

  • ‘Pico’
  • ‘Pico guapo’ (it means ‘Pico pretty boy’ in Spanish)
  • ‘Mmmmuah!’ and the sound of a kiss right after

He’s still perfecting the few words he can say but we are thrilled he’s done it 🙂

Having fun with budgies!

I’ve just found what it looks like an old video called ‘Fun with Budgies‘ and I just couldn’t resist sharing it!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m thinking of getting Pico to learn all that stuff (I wish!) but it just shows how clever little animals budgies are, and so sweet 🙂

So Pico has been part of the family for a month. Time with him seems to go so quickly but we are enjoying every minute.

Pico bonding with us

Pico, blue baby budgie bonding with his new family

The good

  • He’s definitely more comfortable around us, chirps, sings and even runs around on the floor when he’s out (it looks like he’s dancing!)
  • He’s started to really enjoy playing with his toys. The first few days with us, he wouldn’t really interact that much with them (apart from his purple ladder)
  • He loves carrot tops which is great as we feel he’s having veggie on a regular basis
  • He makes lots of sweet little noises (different to the usual chirping) which makes us think he may be getting to know his voice and may eventually talk
  • We let him out of his cage everyday and he absolutely loves it. We can tell he’s just waiting for us to open his door
  • While he’s out, he interacts with us by flying around and landing on our shoulder, head or hand. He also tends to sit on the laptop if we are doing something on it, walking around on the keyboard
  • We don’t need to chase him to get him back into his cage as he just goes in by himself after a few hours

The probably not so good

  • When he’s in his cage, we don’t find it that easy to get him to step on and off the finger. Pico seems to be either too excited or if he’s relaxing he just doesn’t want to know. If I get him to step onto my finger, very often he decides to look around and play. We think that maybe he just wants to play but maybe somebody wants to share any tips on this?
  • We are struggling to get him to eat other veggie (we’ve tried curly kale, spinach, lettuce and carrot so far) and fruit (we’ve tried apple, mango and kiwi so far). He seems to enjoy playing or munching on curly kale but we don’t think he’s actually eating it. He seems to chew on it and then he spits it out

Despite all, we are pleased that the good points outnumber the not so good ones. I suppose that when it comes to get him to eat other fruit and veggie, we simply need to keep presenting him the food, even food that he may not have shown much interest originally. As per getting to step on and off our finger more often, we would welcome any tips! Pico is our first budgie and although I’ve tried to read as much as possible to keep him healthy and happy, it would be great to know what things made a difference when you were in those first stages of getting to know him and letting him get to know you.

Pico relaxing

Pico loves relaxing while contemplating the garden

Pico “The Explorer”

Since we decided to allow Pico time outside his cage again despite not being fully tamed (or despite not being best friends yet), we’ve noticed how his personality, full of curiosity, has continued developing. Pico has become such a little explorer! And this is adorable to watch.

Here’s a picture of Pico sitting on my laptop when I was doing some research on budgies (surprise, surprise). I thought he would fly away but instead he seemed curios about the whole laptop thing. After that shot, he jumped on lap, then on my shoulder which was great!

Pico sitting on my laptop

This is the first time Pico decided to sit on my laptop

I also managed to record Pico while he was walking on my laptop. So cute!

Our baby budgie seems to already know us a bit more. Don’t get me wrong, when we say ‘up‘ Pico doesn’t just jump onto our finger and lets us carry him around wherever we go (at least not just yet), but we are hoping that his curiosity towards us will allow him to feel more and more comfortable around us. Maybe then he will feel it’s completely safe to just hang out together.

In addition to learning more about Pico’s personality, we have found out that if we don’t feed him while he’s outside his cage (particularly around half an hour before we want him back into his cage) and then we put some seeds in the palm of our hand, he quickly jumps into our hand and lets us put him back into his cage while he’s munching on some seeds. That has made the whole play time outside so much more enjoyable for everyone! We so love our little budgie 🙂

I don’t normally upload videos but I’ve decided to create a Youtube channel to share how our relationship with Pico is developing (who knows, it may help others in our same situation to see how other beginners are getting on with their little budgies).

In replies to comments left on previous posts by (cphtpegasus and avianstudent), I’ve explained how nervous I’ve always been at the thought of getting bitten by budgies. I know that it will happen at some point (either when playing or as a warning) but I think that getting to know Pico has made me realise that I need to learn to trust him as much as he needs to learn to trust us.

My boyfriend encouraged me to put seeds in my hand and let Pico approach me to eat from it. I wasn’t sure about it but now I’m so pleased I overcame my fears. Pico ate from my hand and he was so careful. I think that it was a great moment for us both 🙂

Teaching our budgie to talk

Those who know me would say that I shouldn’t have any problems at teaching anybody to talk (including a budgie) because I do like a chat! However, although I’m putting lots on effort on teaching Pico to talk, I do know that not all budgies end up talking.

Whether Pico ends up talking or not, at least it won’t be because we haven’t tried! We talk lots with him and it’s great to see the way he reacts. At the beginning he used to just stare at us. Then he started to show us that he actually enjoyed us chatting with him by moving around in his cage showing us the “tricks” he can do, jumping from perch to perch and in general just looking so happy.

Last Wednesday, I was talking to him while stroking his chest and all of a sudden he started making really sweet noises. These noises were different to his usual happy chirping. It sounded as if he was replying in some sort of “budgie language”. Nevertheless, it made me feel he was starting to “talk back” to me… at least in his own way.

At the moment, we are teaching him three very short phrases which we repeat A LOT (we are hoping he will be bilingual!):

  • Hola Pico (Spanish for ‘Hello Pico‘)
  • Pico guapo (Spanish for ‘Pretty Pico‘)
  • Pico is a good boy

We know that we should keep talking to him even if he doesn’t say anything for months and months as one day he might start saying something.

I won’t lie. I get excited with the idea that one day he will talk so in the meantime, we’ll keep our usual chats going 😉

Pico: A Potential Talking Budgie

Still a baby but Pico is already a potential talking budgie

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